(1)A Cloud Service with Superior Manageability

With IIJ GIO US Service, separate root authority can be assigned to each virtual environment so that you can install commercial software, custom programs and applications just like you would on a private server. The Web Control Panel feature allows you to control power (on/off and reboot) and access to console window as you wish, which ensures security in managing the environment.
We offer various service plans you can choose from according to your individual needs.

VW series provides dedicated VMware vSphere platform. It provides transparent and private cloud platform and suitable for VMware operator and integrators.

R series enables the self-service creation of virtual servers at will from the resources allocated. It is Optimal for use with enterprise-oriented systems.

E series is an VPS instance and component based service. Combining virtual firewall, switch and VPN with VPS instance, customer can integrate its own virtual private cloud.

(2)A Highly Efficient Virtual Platform 

IIJ GIO US Service is a virtual platform constructed with VMWarevSphere by VMWare, the most reliable company in the field.
Built with VMWare technology, our Cloud Service offers high functionality with specifications that match those of a private server as well as the highly flexible cloud infrastructure.
vSphere is the main technology platform for VMWare that communicates with major technology partners, standardizing organizations and cloud service providers. IIJ GIO US Service supports Windows and CentOS, which brings users more options.

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(3)Network Stability

Complete Redundant Structure
IIJ GIO US Service Network employs a complete redundant structure that enables an instant and automatic switch over in case of failure. Every part of our system from its network to equipment and all else is built as a complete redundant structure that provides the stability and mobility necessary for any business environment.

Redundant structure for the network (diagram 1) Redundant structure for Firewall
Redundancy of power with a two-fold structure for each server and storage Redundancy of disk of each server with RAID-1
Redundancy of storage with RAID-6 Redundancy of storage controllers with a double structure
Redundancy of power supply from data center  

   Diagram 1

Network Maintenance and Management by Highly Skilled Engineers

IIJ GIO US Service is a service offered by IIJ America, an affiliate of the internet service provider IIJ, which was the first in Japan to offer Internet service for commercial use. With extensive experience in the area of network technology, IIJ America has supported a large number of corporate businesses by developing and managing specialized network structures and offering a wide range of IT solutions. IIJ GIO US Service network is managed by a team of highly knowledgeable and skilled specialist engineers.
Our network is directly connected to the global backbone owned by the IIJ Group to achieve the highest network performance. Our highly skilled engineers maintain and manage the network to ensure its stability.
For current information about IIJ’s global backbone, go to: (http://us.iijgio.com/en/backbone.html)

(4) Option:vVPN SEIL /x 86 VPN Router (R/E Series Only) 

With its extensive knowledge and understanding of ISP, IIJ researched and developed its own high functional router application, SEIL, which is installed on the E-Series VPS. With the Managed VPN service, IIJA draws from years of experience and success to operate and manage your VPN to your satisfaction.
By combining SEIL/x86 VPN vRouter and the virtual servers, a dedicated virtual private cloud can be constructed. It is a virtual data center you can set up as your main site or a backup for the intra-office system.

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(5) Option:vSwitch (R/E Series Only) 

Enable you to create a Second Segment!

With the vSwitch option you can divide multiple E-Series into two segments. You can use it to construct a DB server under a web server, or an ERP server under a terminal server, or any other way you wish.

(6) Remote Data Backup Component (E Series Only)

Cloud Remote Data Backup!

GIO US provides an enterprise cloud for your secure and private data backup.

Customer will need the agent software installed in the client PCs & servers.
Encryption and compression technology for backup data protection
Backup data is compressed and encrypted for transmission and storage in the server.
Password setting ensures secure data protection.
Efficient technology
On premise to Cloud data transfer volume is optimized by compression and de-duplication.
Differential backup saves the volume of backup low.
Backup data retention
You can opt to view backup data by revisions.
WEB Admin Interface
You can manage all operations through easy to use Web interface.

Available Service Plans

VW Series




H240VW-FC *


VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5 Enterprise Plus Edition

CPU core* 6 12 12
Memory* 48 GB
(up to 72GB)
(up to 192GB)
(up to 192GB)
Bandwidth 1Gbps shared
Datastore 1TB or 2TB TBA
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  * H240VW-FC will be planned to release in 2017
  * CPU core and Memory spec shown is per host

Resource assigned self-help cloud service
R Series


R Series Resource

Virtual Machine OS


Number of Virtual Machine Unlimited
Memory 1GB~
Disk 10 GB~ (10k rpm/15k rpm)
Can be increased in units of 10GB
Internet Connectivity 1Gbps shared
Option vVPN/vFirewall/vSwitch/Backup/Monitoring
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Variety of service menus and options to choose to integrate enterprise oriented system.
E Series


Virtual Dedicated Servers



(option 2 vCPU and 4 vCPU)
Memory 1GB 2GB 4GB 6GB 8GB 12GB 16GB
Standard Disk 50GB~
(Extend disk by 50GB up to two partitions)
(option Additional NIC is available)
Internet Connectivity

1Gbps shared

Option vVPN/vFirewall/vSwitch/Backup/Monitoring
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Customized dedicated server service
D Series

Dedicated Server
Provide dedicated servers with customized specification
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