News List

11/05/2013   Cloud Service R Series are released
11/05/2013   Cloud Service name "Point Red" changed to "IIJ GIO US"
09/30/2013   Cloud Service S Series discontinued
08/30/2013   The acceptance of new orders for Cloud Service S Series will end on September 30, 2013
12/01/2011   Cloud Service S/E Series 60/120/160 are released
07/01/2011   Point Red VPS E Series (VMware) is released
02/01/2011   Point Red VPS S Series (VMware) is released
02/02/2010   VPS Commander(Power ON/OFF Feature) Added
01/01/2010   W Discount Campaign started
11/10/2009   Twitter Campaign ended
11/01/2009   mini VPS (Limited Edition: 20 Units Only!) is released
11/01/2009   Double Discount Promotion is extended
10/19/2009   Special Twitter Campaign started. Follow us!!
10/01/2009   Twitter Started
09/01/2009   VPS/Hybrid Discount Promotional Campaign started30-day money back guarantee started
08/20/2009   VPS(Standard, Super) RAM upgraded
07/07/2009   Free setup promotional campaign started
07/07/2009   Offering of new hybrid server service started
06/29/2009   cPanel added to the control panel options
06/25/2009   Webmin added to the control panel by default
05/31/2009   Opening campaign ended
04/12/2009   Opening campaign started
04/12/2009   Online order Starded