Our Very Own Backbone Bandwidth Plans Server Environment
IIJ has one of the largest backbone networks in Japan, which consists of high-capacity, high-speed digital lines that are linked across Network Operation Centers (NOCs). Each NOC location is equipped by uninterrupted power supplies (UPSs), air conditioning, fire-extinguishing equipment, and a rigorously built access control system. IIJ’s high quality connection service is backed by our world-renowned expertise in network operating and monitoring. IIJ GIO US Service circuit is directly connected to IIJ’s Internet backbone. The connection is made up of multiple Internet circuits, allowing an automatic failover to retain IIJ GIO US Service. Whether customers elect a shared or dedicated bandwidth, IIJ GIO US Service services delivers a stable and reliable connection to its customers. Servers provided for IIJ GIO US Service customers are operated and maintained in the US (NY and CA). The data center that houses IIJ GIO US Service is currently the centerpiece location used by financial institutions, global/contents/network service providers that spread to the principal markets in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
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