High-End Server + IIJ’s Own Backbone

IIJ GIO US Service utilizes HP’s server for customers in need of a dedicated server, which is hosted over the IIJ’s own Internet backbone. Customers will be able to customize server specs, and insert additional options that are required to fit their needs, along with being able to choose the amount of bandwidth available (starting from 1Mbps).

Build-in RAID for Operating Critical Data

IIJ GIO US Service dedicated server is built with RAID-1, allowing customers to assure that valuable data will not be lost due to trouble incident. For those that would like to expand the capacity or improve the speed of the hard disk performance, there are options to upgrade the RAID as well (RAID-5/RAID-10). In short, customize your server the way you would like it to be!
*RAID cannot be altered after an order has been placed.
  クリティカルなデータを運用される方への 安心RAID構成


IIJ GIO US Service circuit is directly connected to IIJ’s own Internet backbone, and allows customers to select the appropriate amount of bandwidth that is required, ranging from 1Mbps to 1Gbps.

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