Bandwidth for IIJ GIO US Service

IIJ GIO US Service circuit is directly connected to the IIJ Group’s Internet backbone, which is comprised of numerous lines. The composition of these lines make up a redundant network where connections remain alive should one of the lines experience any trouble. Whether customers use IIJ GIO US Service shared or dedicated bandwidth plans, they will be using a reliable circuit that contributes to a well-rounded service.

Shared Bandwidth Plan

IIJ GIO US Service shared bandwidth plan allows a number of customers to share an Internet connection when accessing a IIJ GIO US Service hosted server. The designated bandwidth rate (10Mbps-100Mbps) is delivered by “best effort.”

Bandwidth for Point Red

Dedicated Bandwidth Plan

With IIJ GIO US Service dedicated bandwidth plan, customers will be able to choose the amount of dedicated bandwidth (from 1Mbps to 1Gbps) that is best suited for them. What separates this plan (from the shared bandwidth plan) is that the customer’s server is directly connected to IIJ’s backbone router, providing a guaranteed, full delivery of the committed bandwidth. This plan is recommended for customers with streaming (or other image transmitting) sites, along with popular websites that are accessed in high demand. Unlike the shared bandwidth plan, customers do not have to share the connection with one another, allowing a much higher-level service.

Dedicated Bandwidth Plan

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